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Husband:  "What have you been doing all this time?"

Me:  "I've been working in the studio."

Him:  "Whenever you go down there, you're just pulling weeds in the garden."

Me:  "Well then, where do the paintings come from?"




Here's something that works for me when I'm having a block:  put yourself in your studio space.  For some people this may mean clearing the kitchen table and setting out your watercolors or even hanging out in the garage.  For me, it means being "under the house."  


Once there, make yourself comfortable.  Tidy, perhaps.  Turn on some music.  Have coffee or tea if you're not working with toxic materials.  Even pull some weeds, if your studio has a garden.  Turn on the lights!!!  It helps you think.  Especially a task light. 


Now, if you're not inspired, just sit comfortably, but stay!  If you must go out, then do whatever is required and then return.  Just keep coming back and keep yourself happy.  If you can't be happy, then be miserable! 

Rearrange things to your liking, look through old ideas, putter, putter, stare at your project or the wall - whatever.


*******time passing*********


Sooner or later, voila!  


Artwork appears.  



New website under construction!!!  Stay tuned!!

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