Oil painting Clearing by Pamela Neswald


Original oil painting (no reproductions)

Thin layers of oil color applied in a variety of techniques create a sense of atmosphere while the "curtain" of dark rivulets suggests lingerie or rain.  A few scribbled areas provide direct connection to the artists gesture.  Interpret as you will.

The story behind this painting is I thought it would "never be finished" but one day I stood back and it was done - just a few day before Art Maui!  So it was in Art Maui that year, but didn't sell then.  Maybe because you're supposed to get it now?

40x30x1.5" on

Chunky stretched canvas

Signed by the artist, lower right

Presented unframed with edges painted very dark (black)

Arrives wired and ready-to-hang

$4,500.00 USD