Oil painting Ke Ahiahi 'o Pukalani  by Pamela Neswald

Ke Ahiahi 'o Pukalani

Very large.  And emotive.  This painting opens up a wall, creating a sense of atmosphere like a color field painting.  Textures include coarse sand and deconstructed crochet fabric.  Iridescent paints glint here and there.  

60x90x1.5" oil on uniquely textured canvas

Currently unframed.
The story behind this painting is I wanted to make something large and abstract that would work like a color field painting.  I knew I wanted to use various textures in the ground, including sand, but was initially dismayed to open my 50lb bag of sand and find it extremely coarse.  After fretting for a few days, I decided to try the gritty stuff anyway, and found it perfect for the scale of the piece after all!  Someone's looking out for me up there!

$22,000.00 USD