Oil painting Loulu  by Pamela Neswald


Loulu lelo is an endemic fan palm of Hawaii.  This piece was debuted at Malama Wao Akua exhibit at Hui No'eau.  The tree has a cathedral like canopy and an edible fruit.  Recycled paper was used to texture the surface reminiscent of the fibrous palm.  A subdued all-over texture is more friendly to representational imagery and enriches the subject in a harmonious way.

24x18x3/4" oil on uniquely textured canvas

Presented in a simple black wooden frame
The story behind this painting is it was an assignment: painted for a native species show (Malama Wao Akua at Hui No'eau.)  It was lovely to have that prompt, which took me to the Maui Botanical Garden and engendered several enjoyable and educational days.  I love what this plant does aesthetically to the light and the immediate environment.

$1,800.00 USD